Police in Munich said Sunday that eight people were slightly injured after a mishap involving a rollercoaster at the Oktoberfest.

Police said the accident took place at the Höllenblitz, or "Hell's Lightning" ride on Saturday, the first day of the popular German festival.

'Slight collision' involving two trains

Ride director Will Ottens told Germany's DPA news agency that a train rolled into another stationary train for unknown reasons.

"There was a slight collision between the two trains, all the people got off the ride on their own," Ottens said.

"It was apparently a technical defect in the system. We are in the process of clarifying the matter," said the operator.

Police said that the injured were treated on site by medical services, with three being sent to hospital as a precaution.

The ride was blocked by police who said the matter required further investigation, while an expert was also summoned to give an assessment of the situation.

Repair work was reportedly being conducted on the ride, with further reports saying the ride could be up and running again as soon as Monday.

Each year Oktoberfest attracts millions of visitors, with around 450,000 people visiting on Saturday alone.

There are numerous carnival attractions and rides at the annual event, with doctors and medics on standby to treat any possible patients.

Nearly 650 people required some form of treatment on the opening day of the event.

kb/wd (dpa, AFP)

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