Pet-friendly hotels are becoming a trend in South Africa as they acknowledge and cater to the growing demand from both local and international travellers who long to bring their pets along on their trips.

The exact timing of when pet-friendly hotels made their debut in South Africa may vary, but it can be traced back to the early to mid-2000s when some hotels and guest houses began to openly welcome pets.

Many people view their pets as integral parts of their families, hence, they seek accommodations that accommodate this aspect of their lives.

There are hotels that recognise this bond and are adapting to meet the needs of pet owners, which not only enhances the overall guest experience but also sets them apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

The inclusion of more “SunPet” friendly hotels by Southern Sun is a response to this trend, providing travellers with more options for a pet-inclusive stay.

With the recent conversion of Southern Sun Katherine Street in Sandton and Southern Sun Bloemfontein, these hotels are now rolling out the welcome mat for guests and their furry companions.

Southern Sun Katherine Street, situated in the bustling heart of Sandton, is taking the lead in offering pet-friendly lodging options. General manager Bilal Essop and their dedicated team are enthusiastic about the prospect of hosting guests who wish to bring their pets along.

“We want our guests to enjoy their time in Sandton, whether they’re here for business or pleasure, and we hope that this new addition to our offerings will make their stay with us even more enjoyable.”

Additionally, Joel Stols, Southern Sun Bloemfontein’s general manager added: “Our new pet-friendly rooms represent another step in redefining the way we approach hospitality, and we can’t wait to see the joyful moments that unfold as our guests enjoy unforgettable stays together with their pets.”

Also, it's not just about cosy beds and soft pillows at these fabulous hotels. They take pet pampering to a whole new level. You and your furry diva can dine together in style as they also offer a SunPet gourmet menu.

Southern Sun’s general manager of corporate affairs, brands and marketing, Candy Tothill, explains that the choice to include Southern Sun Bloemfontein as a pet-friendly option stemmed from the desire to provide guests travelling to or from their existing pet-friendly hotel, SunSquare Gardens in Cape Town, with additional overnight options for their pets.

Southern Sun Katherine Street was seen as an ideal location to extend their warm hospitality to pet owners, enabling pets to travel in style while staying in Sandton.

Pet-friendly rooms come with an additional surcharge of R250 per room per night, plus a one-time non-refundable payment of R500 per stay.

There's more! As part of their warm welcome, SunPets get a special treat upon arrival. They are also treated to luxurious pet bedding for the ultimate sleep experience.

During their stay, your furry VIPs can indulge in a selection of bowls, mats, toys, and other delightful treats and conveniences, all to ensure their visit is as memorable as can be.

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