Richard Branson took on a new role as he officiated the wedding of two of Virgin Atlantic's founding crew members.

The businessman, 73, took over from an Elvis impersonator at the nuptials of Malcolm and Jacqui King-McKinnon at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.  

The event commemorates not only the airline's Ruby Anniversary but also the couple's love story that began on one of Virgin Atlantic's first flights back in 1984. 

Richard, who founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s, donned a red bedazzled blazer and boutonniere for the ceremony and sent the couple off in a Virgin Hotels cab waiting for them outside of the iconic 'Tunnel of Love.'  

It was love at first flight for the couple, Malcolm and Jacqui, who met 40 years ago during Virgin Atlantic's first year of operating. 

To celebrate each of these milestones, with each other and with the airline, Virgin Atlantic arranged the surprise appearance by Richard. 

Malcolm and Jacqui met during one of Virgin Atlantic's first flights from Manchester, UK, to North America in the airline's inaugural year in 1984 and have been together in the sky and in life ever since. 

After spotting Jacqui in the iconic red uniform, Malcolm offered to help her with her luggage, and committed to taking every flight he could with her from then on. 

Forty years later, the couple is married, has raised a family and still flies the skies together any chance they get. 

Richard said:  'Our incredible people are what makes Virgin Atlantic so special – they are mavericks, trailblazers, they are kind and fun. 

'Getting to celebrate two of those people who have been with us since day one was an honour. Malcolm and Jacqui's love story started at Virgin Atlantic, which makes them part of the family.' 

The happy groom Malcom added: 'They call it love at first sight but for us it was love at first flight! Today has been incredible and it means so much to Jacqui, our daughters and myself. 

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