America's dirtiest beach is revealed, after being branded a 'toilet'

As part of the groups survey, The Surfrider Foundation also found that 64 percent of the 567 sites tested had at least one sample with unsafe bacteria levels.

Martin Lewis reveals his top travel tips ahead of the summer holidays

Martin Lewis has shared his top travel tips ahead of the summer holidays, saying they could save you hundreds of pounds, in a special episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live on ITV yesterday

Revealed: Five of the best hidden gem Mediterranean islands to visit this summer. Which one would YOU most like to escape to?

They boast turquoise waters, ancient ruins, spellbinding coves, and boast mouthwatering food. There's even one that's car-free...

Australia's fascinating culture and traditions

Australia is renowned for its pristine beaches, ochre outback, and laid-back lifestyle. But how much do you know about the country's customs? From the rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to the immigrants who have brought unique traditions and languages, Australia's cultural landscape is dynamic and evolving. This gallery covers some of Australia's most famous pastimes—some you may be familiar with and others you may not! Satisfy your curiosity and click to find out more.

Expanding horizons: how travel changes the lives of children

Have you been a world traveler most of your life and now you have kids? Well, the fun and adventures won’t (and shouldn't) stop there! Bring the kids along, as there are dozens of positive outcomes for children who travel. This guide lists over two dozen reasons why traveling helps kids grow, learn, and prosper better than children who don’t explore the world. Travel can help kids emotionally, physically, and even mentally-the results are truly incredible! So, curious as to how travel can help your kids become the best they can be? Click through to learn more.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company to shutdown for 7 weeks as part of extensive maintenance

According to TMACC, the maintenance is scheduled for the winter period to limit impact on travellers.

Proteas head for Caribbean in New York state of mind

The fortnight spent in New York by the Proteas will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry. And not just the crossing of the Manhattan Bridge and visits to Times Square, Central Park and the iconic Yankee Stadium.

Things America does better than Europe

America: the land of the free and the home of the brave. While Europe has a lot of great things going for it, there are other areas where America takes the cake. It's not until traveling or living in Europe that Americans begin to realize how many everyday cultural and societal norms that are part of their lives are completely different abroad... Some for the worse, others for the better. Curious? Click on to learn the things America does better than Europe.

28 government megaprojects that have swallowed up billions

Discover the most expensive government megaprojects from around the world, including Tren Maya, the Brenner Base Tunnel, and the Belt & Road Initiative.

Priceless masterpieces: Explore the most valuable works of modern art

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone is interested in the same styles or artists. However, the immense popularity of these masterpieces of the modern artistic world seems far from subjective. And the value of these paintings isn't just cultural! They are all worth huge amounts of money, sometimes selling for hundreds of millions. Have a look through the magnificent works of art.

Surfing the massive waves of Skeleton Bay, Namibia

The beach has some of the best waves alongside the dozens of washed-out skeletons, broken-down aircraft and abandoned ships that line the shores.

Kate Hudson and Brie Larson are the Hollywood blonde bombshells lighting up Max Mara's ritzy resort event at Piazza San Marco in Venice

There was a star-studded event in Venice, Italy on Tuesday evening. Max Mara hosted their Resort 2025 event at Piazza San Marco which looked like the event of the month.

Nicky Hilton the billionaire enjoys a VERY luxurious trip to Italy with her mother Kathy as they are hosted by the famed Max Mara 'family'... see their super glamorous dinner party

Nicky Hilton sure loves to live the high life. The younger sister of Paris Hilton was seen enjoying the scenery of Venice, Italy this week in images shared to Instagram.

Find yourself in the most amazing mazes around the globe

From beautiful historic labyrinths in Italy to award-winning puzzles with jaw-dropping designs, here we take a look at the most incredible mazes across the globe.

Overlooked museum scrap turns out to be earliest account of Jesus’s childhood

A small scrap of text that was long considered insignificant has now revealed itself to be the earliest-known account of Jesus Christ’s childhood. For decades, the papyrus fragment scrawled with near-illegible text lay forgotten in a library in Hamburg, Germany. But then, two experts named Dr Lajos Berkes and Prof Gabriel Nocchi Macedo took a close...

Why the pigeon is the world's most misunderstood bird

26 incredible things you probably didn't know about the Himalayas

Find out more about the epic region that's home to most of the world's highest mountains.

Queen Camilla heads to The Garden Museum on London's Southbank

The Queen looked elegant in a navy blue and cream ensemble as she headed to London's Southbank this morning to visit a new exhibition at The Garden Museum.

If you are travelling to see your favourite artist perform, these expert tips will help you make the most of the trip

Music lovers across the globe are packing their bags, booking flights and turning concerts into travel adventures.

Inside Elvis Presley's homes: from a Mississippi shack to Graceland

From a shack in Tupelo to a mansion in Memphis, we retrace Elvis Presley's road to fame and the homes he lived in along the way...

5 steps to help manage heightened risks for business travellers

Business travellers are facing mounting risks in turbulent times. Here’s how travel management companies can help their clients mitigate these risks.

The deadliest animals on the planet

World-famous wine region named one of best sober traveller destinations

Loneliness rising due to disappearance of a once-common home feature

Americans have never been as lonely as they are today, figures show, and it could be because something which used to be a staple feature is receding from US homes.

15 things you must do in London, England

With a roster that includes Soho, Tate Modern, Hyde Park and Globe Theater, there's really no end to the things you can do here.

Apocalyptic ‘Gates of Hell’ beach boasts shipwrecks, skeletons and diamonds

Inside the game-changing winter experience sweeping Australia

A game-changing new, fairytale-like winter experience is already underway on the rooftop of Sydney 's Broadway

Beach huts worth £750,000 demolished as owners billed £300 each

Thirty-one wooden cabins at Hordle Cliff, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire were either destroyed or written off after the fragile cliff they stood on was washed away.

Is this UK's smelliest town? Fumes from waste site stink of 'eggs'

Locals from Walleys Quarry, located on the edge of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, said the fumes from the waste site leave a foul odour of 'bad eggs', making them ill.

Best smart luggage of 2024: Clever cases with extra features

Best smart luggage of 2024: Clever cases with extra features - Combining travel and technology, these smart suitcases were created to make heading on holiday as seamless as possible

Flights cancelled at major airport as floods crash through ceiling

6 reasons why September is the best time for South Africans to travel internationally

Travelling off-season during the month of September brings many benefits; here’s why you should consider travelling at this time.

'It's too much': Spain's Balearic Isles battle overtourism

Every year, nearly 800,000 tourists wander through the alleys of Binibeca Vell, a tiny whitewashed village nicknamed "the Spanish Mykonos" for its resemblance to the famous Greek island which attracts huge crowds of visitors.

UFO mystery may be result of advanced 'stealth civilization' on Earth

Skeptics have long questioned why UFOs, if they are E.T. craft, would visit Earth so often - but two Harvard scientists suspect the beings may have been here all along

Cape Argus and The Turbine Boutique Hotel is giving away Father’s Day hotel stay

The Cape Argus and The Turbine Boutique Hotel is giving away a two-night stay including breakfast valued at R11 880 to help you celebrate Father’s Day.

Historic European cafés you need to visit

Europe's enviable café culture revolves around some of the most famous and iconic coffeehouses on the continent. In their time, many of these distinguished establishments have served a litany of famous celebrities including artists, writers, scientists, philosophers, and even royalty. But where can you find Europe's most beautiful and best-preserved cafés and teahouses? Click through and walk through these historic coffee-serving landmarks.

Richard Branson steps in for Elvis impersonator as he officiates the wedding of two Virgin Atlantic employees

The businessman, 73, took over from an Elvis impersonator at the nuptials of Malcolm and Jacqui King-McKinnon at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Awesome Airstream stays around the world

Vacation in the world's most beautiful locations in these cool retro Airstream trailers and caravans that are as glamorous as they are comfortable.

Magic near you: Where to catch the northern lights in Canada

Whether you’re of the belief that the aurora borealis is the sky lifting up her skirt, or that the show is caused by solar particles colliding with Earth’s magnetic field, everyone has the northern lights on their "Things to See Before I Die" list. There are viewing spots in every province and territory of Canada, so click through this gallery to find the best one for you.

The strange story of the 'secret' French château left to rot

Step inside Château de la Chasseigne, a remarkable abandoned castle in Burgundy, France and uncover its fascinating aristocratic past

Why planes are forbidden from flying over Disney parks (and other no-fly zones)

Floodwaters around airport after rain interrupts flights in Mallorca

Video captured floodwaters around the Palma de Mallorca Airport as heavy rains swept over the Spanish island. Vehicles were seen with partially submerged tyres in a car park outside the airport, while one car was seen wading through floodwater.

'Cursed' Gulf of Mexico shipwreck abandoned after causing endless chaos

You’ve no doubt heard of the curse of the Black Pearl, but how about the curse of the Mica Wreck? Whilst, admittedly, not quite as dramatic as a pirate ship teaming with zombies, the Mica, located 2,600 feet (almost 800 metres) down on the Gulf of Mexico’s seabed, is shrouded in its own mystifying legend. The wreck was discovered by chance in Febru...

Spider monkeys are battling for life in Texas zoo after being smuggled

Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas is providing care for 19 baby Mexican spider monkeys who were confiscated from smugglers. The monkeys can be sold for up to $8,000.

The world's top places to visit in 2024

The holiday season brings with it thoughts of travel, a Christmas vacation perhaps, or somewhere memorable to chime in the New Year. But where in the world are the coolest, hotly-tipped places to visit in 2024? Click through and check out these top destinations, referenced by Travel + Leisure as the most popular places to go in 2024.

The 33 most amazing libraries on the planet

From Australia to Egypt, we've scoured the globe to reveal the most amazing libraries from around the world.

Tate Modern chief felt 'dismay' over British Museum's £50m deal

Director Maria Balshaw (pictured) said the museum's choice to re-enter a sponsorship deal with the company was certain to cause challenges for its new director Nicholas Cullinan.

Disney replaces 'racist' ride with one themed around black princess

Disney replaces 'racist' Splash Mountain ride with Tiana's Bayou Adventure, at its U.S. parks themed around its first black princess.

The most memorable Hollywood duos

It’s nice to work with people you like and who you work well with, isn’t it?

America's coolest island destinations

Anchored away from the USA are some fascinating island destinations just waiting to be explored, including Hawaii. Scroll through the gallery for some amazing images and find out more about the country's coolest ocean-side hangouts.