• A new cosy and decadent winter experience is coming to Sydney 
  • It's a dream come true for lovers of molten French cheese
  • Set in your own private igloo 
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A game-changing new, fairytale-like winter experience is underway on the rooftop of Sydney's Broadway shopping center after already wowing Adelaide.

Raclette Igloo is an immersive dining experience where you and friends can relax and enjoy a hallowed French culinary tradition in the cosy and intimate charm of your own personal, illuminated igloo.

For those unfamiliar with this type of indulgent French-Swiss pastime which is popular with the apres-ski set, the producers promise that you can expect more a magical 'social event' than 'just a meal'.

A quick bonjour and then you can enter your private igloo dusted with fairy lights where you will be greeted by a carefully set table with a 1.8kg platter of sliced cheese, charcuterie, potatoes and pickles - and an urn of mulled wine.

There is even a smoky firepit with extra wood adjacent to your igloo to make the experience even warmer and more charming. 

Diners can then proceed to melt their own cheese over the prepared potatoes and cured meat while relaxing and taking in the tranquil views of a Sydney night sky. 

People were quick to comment that Raclette Igloo looks 'sooo cool! Or should I say so warm'. They raved the experience was 'such fun', 'magical' and just 'gorgeous'.

Jumbo marshmallow toasting while you star-gaze is on the menu for dessert for those who aren't completely full of potato, meat and cheese. 

If you're not already giddy from the enchanting heights, 'pretty' lights and the company of your nearest and dearest, then the mulled wine will definitely get you there.

Raclette Igloo will be open until the 28th of July in Sydney.

Each Igloo come fit for parties of 2, 6 or 8 people only, with a cost of $99 per person.

For bookings see their website

It's apres-ski, sans the skiing.

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