Cape Town – A Century City resident whose parrot named Sky went missing after being chased by a crow says he believes someone may have her.

Waseef Allie said Sky was chased by a crow between the buildings in Century City while free-flying last Thursday.

“Normally she would circle and return home. But not this time. She must have been spooked,” he said.

Allie took over the care of the blue-and-yellow macaw while she was still a few weeks old, more than three years ago.

“She hardly had feathers at the time and due to Covid the pet shops closed down.

“I offered to take care of her. I had to syringe feed her for months, early morning and in the late afternoon.

“I didn't clip her wings then because I thought it was cruel and I also knew nothing about birds.

"Then I started to free-fly with her, and we would always go free-flying.

“Anywhere around the Cape Town – Table Mountain, Lions Head and Durbanville farms.

“She was trained on level 3 out of 5 levels. Her pictures are all over the internet,“ he said.

It has been more than a week since Sky has not returned home, and Allie said he was growing anxious.

“I have kind of searched everywhere around the area she flew away from.

“I’m hoping someone will find her and bring her back to us. I have not slept in days. We just can’t seem to find her in the area she went missing. I have been there a number of times at 4am walking all the streets in Century City. She is not there. So I believe someone may have her,” he said.

Free-flight instructor Chase Watkins Jones said they hoped Sky returned home.

“Waseef has been flying Sky outdoors for over two years now, with daily outings, they are inseparable.

“It is unfortunate Sky has been missing for several days now, my gut tells me someone has housed (her) and I hope the media awareness we are sharing brings Sky home to Waseef.

“Losing a pet is such a deep loss, for both owner and pet alike. Please share and assist in reuniting them."

Allie has offered a reward for the return of Sky. He would not divulge the reward amount.

Anyone with information can contact Allie on 076 885 7615 or Lisa Cooper on 082 681 8086.

Cape Times

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