Botswana’s Khoisan tours Namibia
The duo has garnered continental acclaim for soulful harmonies and a unique blend of musical genres deeply rooted in Botswana's rich heritage.
Michael Kayunde

Oratile Kofa and Thabang Rasefako, known collectively as Khoisan, graced Namibia with their presence earlier this week. tjil had the opportunity to sit down with the duo to unpack their Namibian tour and musical offerings.

With a commitment to fusing diverse voices, Khoisan's music transcends boundaries and delivers messages of upliftment and healing, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Their sonic tapestry seamlessly weaves together elements of soul, Boranakana, Phathisi, Tsutsube and other traditional dances from Botswana, with a touch of native Afro influence that ignites the spirit.

What sets Khoisan apart is not only their enchanting melodies, but also their ethos of partnership and collaboration.

Kofa and Rasefako work in perfect synergy, scripting their lyrics in English, Setswana and various other African languages. Their music serves as testament to the power of unity and the beauty of embracing diversity.

Deep connection

During their stay in Namibia, Khoisan told tjil that they marvelled at the deep connection Namibian artists maintain with their culture, which mirrors their own approach.

"From the border, we have been receiving nothing but love. Everyone has been welcoming and nice to us," Kofa said.

Rasefako added: "Expect nothing but magic from the collaborations we will have here with Namibian artists".

Among the highlights of their visit was working with renowned Namibian duo Ethnix, marking the second musical collaboration in their memorable five-year career.

“We have worked on musical campaigns with different brands, but this is our second feature as Khoisan.”

Collaborative spirit

On their collaborative spirit, Khoisan said: "The goal this year was to bring more people on board and just collaborate and grow the brand and vision in whatever way possible".

“Collaboration over competition," they added.

As Khoisan continues to explore new horizons and unite cultures through their melodious creations, their journey transcends borders and enriches the southern Africa music landscape. With every note they sing and every harmony they create, Kofa and Rasefako remind us that the universal language of music is a bridge that connects hearts and souls, regardless of where we come from.

Summing up the conversation with tjil, the duo implored their Namibian fans to check out their new song ‘Moleko’, and follow them on social media platforms for updates on their musical endeavours.

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