Discover the planes, trains and megayachts of billionaires

Get set for luxury overload as we reveal the private jets, opulent trains, prestige cars and magnificent megayachts of the planet's richest people as they go from A to B in supreme comfort and style...

Man explains the 'terrible' reasons why Brits don’t travel in the UK to an American

Summer is approaching, and with millions of Brits expected to venture overseas for their much-anticipated travels, one American has posed the question as to why people don't travel within the UK. American Ash Loren (@ashseestheworld) was "curious" after one of her UK-based followers said she had never been to the Lake District. "[This] makes me so ...

The deadliest animals on the planet

Inside the game-changing winter experience sweeping Australia

A game-changing new, fairytale-like winter experience is already underway on the rooftop of Sydney 's Broadway

San Diego Zoo works to protect endangered Pacific Pocket Mice

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is one of various environmentally-conscious organizations working to save the Pacific Pocket Mouse. Pacific Pocket Mice are integral to the climate but are being pushed out because of human development.

Beach huts worth £750,000 demolished as owners billed £300 each

Thirty-one wooden cabins at Hordle Cliff, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire were either destroyed or written off after the fragile cliff they stood on was washed away.

Richard Branson steps in for Elvis impersonator as he officiates the wedding of two Virgin Atlantic employees

The businessman, 73, took over from an Elvis impersonator at the nuptials of Malcolm and Jacqui King-McKinnon at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Proteas head for Caribbean in New York state of mind

The fortnight spent in New York by the Proteas will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry. And not just the crossing of the Manhattan Bridge and visits to Times Square, Central Park and the iconic Yankee Stadium.

Magic near you: Where to catch the northern lights in Canada

Whether you’re of the belief that the aurora borealis is the sky lifting up her skirt, or that the show is caused by solar particles colliding with Earth’s magnetic field, everyone has the northern lights on their "Things to See Before I Die" list. There are viewing spots in every province and territory of Canada, so click through this gallery to find the best one for you.

Inside the Texas Christian community likened to the Amish

Documentary maker Kirsten Dirksen spent time exploring the Homestead Heritage, which is set over 510 acres in Waco, Texas. The Christian community has more than 1,000 residents.

The 33 most amazing libraries on the planet

From Australia to Egypt, we've scoured the globe to reveal the most amazing libraries from around the world.

Environmental activists trying to ban hikers from popular viewpoint

An environmental group dedicated to protecting the endangered Pacific pocket mouse is appealing to Dana Point's Planning Commission decision to restrict daily public use of a trail at Dana Point.

If you are travelling to see your favourite artist perform, these expert tips will help you make the most of the trip

Music lovers across the globe are packing their bags, booking flights and turning concerts into travel adventures.

Queen Camilla heads to The Garden Museum on London's Southbank

The Queen looked elegant in a navy blue and cream ensemble as she headed to London's Southbank this morning to visit a new exhibition at The Garden Museum.

Awesome Airstream stays around the world

Vacation in the world's most beautiful locations in these cool retro Airstream trailers and caravans that are as glamorous as they are comfortable.

America's greatest business tycoons

Martin Lewis reveals his top travel tips ahead of the summer holidays

Martin Lewis has shared his top travel tips ahead of the summer holidays, saying they could save you hundreds of pounds, in a special episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live on ITV yesterday

Five of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands to visit this summer

They boast turquoise waters, ancient ruins, spellbinding coves, and boast mouthwatering food. There's even one that's car-free...

Find yourself in the most amazing mazes around the globe

From beautiful historic labyrinths in Italy to award-winning puzzles with jaw-dropping designs, here we take a look at the most incredible mazes across the globe.

Why planes are forbidden from flying over Disney parks (and other no-fly zones)

Is THIS Britain's savviest plane passenger?

Dylan Springer was boarding his flight home from Kos, Greece , on April 12 when he noticed passengers being slapped with £48 fines for carrying an extra tote bag.

Europe’s incredible £8.1 billion high-speed train that puts UK to shame

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company to shutdown for 7 weeks as part of extensive maintenance

According to TMACC, the maintenance is scheduled for the winter period to limit impact on travellers.

Celebrity landscaper Jamie Durie visits the construction site of his six-storey waterfront mansion - after backlash over his application to chop down 17 native trees

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old celebrity landscaper was spotted at the construction site which is located at Avalon Beach on Sydney 's northern beaches.

The most unbelievable things stolen in the United States

There have been several remarkable heists in history, where items such as precious jewels, priceless paintings, and incomprehensible amounts of cash were stolen. However, there are also peculiar criminals who set their sights on treasures that are a little more... unusual. From the strangely specific to the utterly inexplicable, check out this gallery to see some of the weirdest things people have ever stolen in America.

Where your favourite stars are laid to rest

Cemeteries and graves aren't always sombre, they can also offer the chance to reflect on the famous names who shaped the world. From Los Angeles to London, we've listed the final resting places of some significant figures through the centuries.

Expanding horizons: how travel changes the lives of children

Have you been a world traveler most of your life and now you have kids? Well, the fun and adventures won’t (and shouldn't) stop there! Bring the kids along, as there are dozens of positive outcomes for children who travel. This guide lists over two dozen reasons why traveling helps kids grow, learn, and prosper better than children who don’t explore the world. Travel can help kids emotionally, physically, and even mentally-the results are truly incredible! So, curious as to how travel can help your kids become the best they can be? Click through to learn more.

30 stunning natural wonders to visit in India

India is a captivating country with a rich tapestry of culture and traditions and an incomparable range of landscapes. Some say it should be a continent due to how much the terrain differs: icy peaks in the Himalayas, white-sand beaches in Goa, and lush tropical rainforest in Kerala. If you're planning a vacation or putting together a bucket list, how about adding some of India's most beautiful natural wonders to your itinerary? But where to begin? This gallery covers 30 of the country's best natural attractions. Click to discover more.

The notorious female pirates of the Seven Seas

Historically, women weren't allowed to remain on ships once they had set sail. Old-fashioned sailor superstitions purported that women on merchant and military vessels were bad luck. But this didn't stop several women from disguising their identities to join crews, and in some cases captains ignored the rule altogether. From the Caribbean to China, there are actual accounts of female pirates dating back thousands of years, showing us that pirating wasn’t just for men. Curious? Click on to discover the women who once prowled the Seven Seas.

6 reasons why September is the best time for South Africans to travel internationally

Travelling off-season during the month of September brings many benefits; here’s why you should consider travelling at this time.

Amazing photos taken during the 19th century

The very first cameras started appearing at the beginning of the 19th century, and were initially used to photograph landscapes or still life. It wasn’t long, however, before they were used to capture portraits and everyday scenes. Here is a series of amazing photos taken during the 19th century.

It looks like AI but it's not: these amazing geological landmarks are 100% real

Earth is blessed with some truly amazing natural wonders. Staggering in their beauty, many of these geological landmarks are also puzzling in their nature, such as mysterious sinkholes appearing from nowhere, boulders that move on their own, and rivers running with "blood." Puzzled and baffled? Click through and be amazed by the planet's oddest places.

Inside the sleepy American town ranked among the Top 10 to raise kids

Gilbert, Arizona, was ranked the 6th best place to raise a family in the U.S. by WalletHub for 2024 performing well with factors like housing costs, healthcare, school quality, and recreation.

The tides they are a-changin’: A letter to friends, looking back and looking forward

Over these years, the sustained disinterest of governments and people with power and privilege in addressing the basic needs of most people in our society has drip-fed a populism that has now boiled to the surface.

Bizarre markings spotted on whale swimming off the Aussie coast

The humpback whale was spotted off Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW on Saturday by marine mammal and wildlife photographer Jodie Lowe.

Map shows hotspots for Victorian illness making a comeback in the UK

'Cursed' Gulf of Mexico shipwreck remains an unsolved mystery

You’ve no doubt heard of the curse of the Black Pearl, but how about the curse of the Mica Wreck? Whilst, admittedly, not quite as dramatic as a pirate ship teaming with zombies, the Mica, located 2,600 feet (almost 800 metres) down on the Gulf of Mexico’s seabed, is shrouded in its own mystifying legend. The wreck was discovered by chance in Febru...

The importance of travel insurance

Everyone deserves to have a wonderful, stress-free travel experience.

Where is Bridgerton filmed? The real life locations to visit for a tour of ‘the ton’

Where is Bridgerton filmed? The real life locations to visit for a tour of ‘the ton’ - Here are the palaces, parks and stately homes behind Netflix’s Regency high society

Canada's bucket-list restaurants for unforgettable meals

From small, family-run spots to fine dining establishments, here we reveal the most iconic restaurants in every Canadian province and territory.

Cape Argus and The Turbine Boutique Hotel is giving away Father’s Day hotel stay

The Cape Argus and The Turbine Boutique Hotel is giving away a two-night stay including breakfast valued at R11 880 to help you celebrate Father’s Day.

Uncover the secrets lurking in these abandoned subway stations

Take a look at these incredible abandoned stations and read the captivating stories behind them.

The world's most powerful passports for 2024

The results of the Henley Passport Index 2024 have been published, listing this year's most powerful passports. The annual index is created by London-based global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners, using exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association. There are an incredible 34 country passports occupying the top 10 places listed in this gallery. So, where is your passport placed, and how many visa-free or visa-on-arrival destinations does it afford? Click on and travel through the index to find out!

Nicky Hilton the billionaire enjoys a VERY luxurious trip to Italy with her mother Kathy as they are hosted by the famed Max Mara 'family'... see their super glamorous dinner party

Nicky Hilton sure loves to live the high life. The younger sister of Paris Hilton was seen enjoying the scenery of Venice, Italy this week in images shared to Instagram.

Ancient and groundbreaking man-made structures around the world

From modest huts, megalithic temples and prehistoric pyramids to ancient burial mounds and Aboriginal engineering marvels, these are some of the oldest and most fascinating man-made structures on every continent.

5 steps to help manage heightened risks for business travellers

Business travellers are facing mounting risks in turbulent times. Here’s how travel management companies can help their clients mitigate these risks.

Fact check: Sugarloaf images do not disprove sea level rise

A viral photo collage from Rio de Janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain purportedly shows that sea levels have remained stable for 140 years. Why does the mountain seem to have gained instead of lost land mass?

50 white bathroom ideas that are far from boring

Whether you want to jazz up a basic bathroom suite or create a spa-style sanctuary to retreat into, here’s how to create a striking scheme using white sanitaryware as your starting point.

UFO mystery may be result of advanced 'stealth civilization' on Earth

Skeptics have long questioned why UFOs, if they are E.T. craft, would visit Earth so often - but two Harvard scientists suspect the beings may have been here all along

Flights cancelled at major airport as floods crash through ceiling