German travel highlights

On September 18, DW journalists Anooshay Abid and Ernesto Andrés Fuenmayor embark on a 10-day tour through Germany exploring the cities and sights you can't miss on your first ever trip to the country. Be sure to follow their great German adventure on DW Travel's Instagram, Facebookand YouTubechannels, where the two will be sharing stories, posts and reels every day. Once their journey is up, you'll be able to watch a summary of the whole trip on YouTube. Curious what places they'll visit? Find DW Travel on social media so you won't miss out on any updates!

Tell us where you would like to travel in Germany to join our prize draw!

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Where you would most like to travel in Germany?

To the Baltic or North Sea, or Germany's many lakes

To German cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich

To Germany's Alps, Black Forest or Harz mountains

To Germany's castles and medieval towns

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Author: Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg

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